Chinese herbs consist of almost anything natural from the earth including roots, flowers, leaves, minerals, and even animal parts. However, the most frequently used herbs in medicine are of plant origin. Chinese herbal remedies have taken thousands of years to develop, compared to Western medicine which has largely only been available for the last century.

After a practitioner uncovers the Pattern of Disharmony underlying a complaint, an individualized herbal formula is constructed to correct this Pattern and ultimately alleviate the ailment. While occasionally a single herb can be utilized, it is more common for combinations of herbs in complex formulas to be administered. Individual herbs are then added or subtracted as required to fit a patient's needs and to help with any persistent symptoms.

This flexibility allows for a more targeted treatment approach. Since it is not possible to modify ready-made pills, most practitioners prefer to use raw herbs or extracts to enable a highly personalized treatment for each patient. The art of devising an herbal formula is complex and takes years to master.

The benefits you can experience from a specialized program of Chinese herbs are vast and include almost all ailments of physical and mental wellbeing that you may have.

In California, acupuncturists are the only licensed health care professionals who are required to be trained and tested for competency in the prescription of herbal medicine. California-approved acupuncture schools offer a minimum of 300 classroom hours of instruction in traditional Chinese Herbology, in addition to clinical training.

In recent years, herbs have become a very popular curative method. They're available in health food stores, supermarkets, and on the internet. While herbs are promoted as safe, gentle, inexpensive, and "natural" alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs it is still extremely important to consult a trained professional to experience the most beneficial results.

Chinese herbs consist of almost anything natural from the earth.

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they view food and medicine as one. Any ailments that cannot be cured with food cannot be cured with medicine. Furthermore, everyone has a different body constitution and must eat the right kinds of food that fit their body type. ...
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