In Traditional Chinese Medicine food and medicine are viewed as one. Any ailments that cannot be cured with food cannot be cured with medicine. Furthermore, everyone has a different body constitution and must eat the right kinds of food that fit their body type.

A common misconception in the Western understanding of diets is that all vegetables are good and all meats are bad. However, within the vegetables, there are cold/warm characteristics that must be accounted for.

For example, someone who has excessive heat in their body should eat more cooling foods than warming foods. If they over-consume on warming foods, the additional heat can cause headaches, insomnia, increase blood pressure etc. Alternatively, if someone who has an enhanced level of cold in their body over-consume cold foods, the excess cold can give them stomach-ache, diarrhoea, fatigue, and decrease circulation.

By knowing your body constitution and building a proper diet around the right foods, you will not only prevent illnesses but also bring health and balance back in your life.

We can provide advice and create a structured diet for you to ensure what you eat is not having a negative effect on your health and wellbeing.

Chinese herbs consist of almost anything natural from the earth.

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Chinese herbs consist of almost anything natural from the earth. In contains roots, flowers, leaves, minerals, and even animal parts. However, most frequently used herbs are of plant origin. After a practitioner uncovers the Pattern of Disharmony underlying a complaint, an individualized ...
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