Jungho Jang LAc.

Jungho Jang's inspiration for becoming an expert in chinese medicine are the physical and mental stress symptoms that result from today's fast paced lifestyle that negatively effect mind and body. Helping people "one patient at a time" and allowing patients to enjoy life fully and achieve their goals by removing the symptoms that act as obstructions are his professional goals.

Following an early interest in chinese medicine Jungho Jang traveled to China to earn his Bachelor's degree at the Chinese medicine in Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学). He then returned to Los Angeles to earn his Master's degree in Oriental Medicine from Donguk Royal University. During his studies, Jang served in Beijing Hospital’s Acupuncture Department, worked as an intern at Dong Zhi Men Hospital, co-researched and published a thesis on asthma, and served on a UN Peacekeeping Oriental Medicine Unit treating soldiers.

These professional experiences coupled with Jang’s skills in Auricular Acupuncture, Cupping, and the Five Elements technique have given him the skills to help each individual achieve a healthy mind and body balance.

Olivia Jung LAc.

Olivia Jung LAc. understands the alignment of all elements in mind, body and spirit creates wellness. For people to be healthy, they must first be happy, and it is her goal to help patients recognize the bond and guide them along their healing journey. She looks beyond the diagnosis of each patient’s physical needs and take into account all aspects of their personal constitution to devise their unique and practical path to wellness.

From her experiences and knowledge gained from a professional life studying and practicing chinese medicine techniques, Olivia understands the importance of alignment of all elements in mind, body and spirit to create wellness. Her goal is to help people recognise the close relationship between happiness and wellness, and works to understand each patient's specific needs to guide them on the path to achieving both. 

After graduating from Samra University of Oriental Medicine Olivia furthered her training in Korean Sasang Constitutional medicine and Women’s Health. Olivia also worked at Five Branches University as a clinic supervisor for interns at a variety of levels. In addition to traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbs, she uses Korean Constitutional Medicine, Four-Needle Techniques, Five Elements Theory, and other modalities to treat a variety of modern afflictions.

Working with her patient's unique goals and health/lifestyle profiles, she applies a natural approach along with on-going support and motivation to help make positive changes in their lives. Combining her practical experience and medical studies with knowledge of Danjun Breathing Meditation, she has successfully treated patients for a wide range of ailments deepening her belief in the importance of balance and harmony to help patients achieve a healthier, happier life.


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