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Gen Acupuncture is dedicated to uncovering the root, or gen, of our patients’ ailments and diseases. We will create a personalized treatment plan for you based on the concepts of gen to ease your stresses and complaints and ultimately restore your body and mind to an ailment-free state, helping improve your enjoyment and quality of life.

We follow the founding concept of oriental medicine, Sun Chi Juk Gen Bon, which tells us that you must first treat the root cause before you can overcome an ailment or disease. Our personalized treatment plans locate and eradicate these root causes to alleviate symptoms of musculoskeletal, digestive, gynaecological, emotional, neurological and respiratory ailments.

Our clinic is designed for your comfort and is the perfect place to begin the process of healing your body and mind. Your overall wellbeing is of utmost importance to us!

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jungho jang

Jungho Jang LAc.

Jungho Jang LAc. Having studied Chinese medicine in University of Chinese Medicine (北京中医药大学), served as a UN Peacekeeper in Lebanon, and experienced the fast-paced lifestyle of Los Angeles, Jungho Jang believes that people today are too rushed and pressed for time. He feels that people are losing themselves in their quests, and that stress symptoms are inevitable. Jang wants to reverse this trend. While it may be impossible to slow down the pace of society in general, Jang takes a “one patient at a time” approach. Chinese medicine sees the mind and body as one with an imbalance in either the mind or the body affecting the other. When the mind is stressed, the body suffers and vice versa. Jang’s goal is for each of his patients to develop a healthy, balanced mind and body thus enabling survival in today’s fast-paced world.

olivia jung

Olivia Jung LAc.

Olivia Jung LAc. understands the alignment of all elements in mind, body and spirit creates wellness. For people to be healthy, they must first be happy, and it is her goal to help patients recognize the bond and guide them along their healing journey. She looks beyond the diagnosis of each patient’s physical needs and take into account all aspects of their personal constitution to devise their unique and practical path to wellness.


Gen Acupuncture



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  • Happy Client Says - Yelp.com

    Olivia and David are such great acupuncturists that I even considered giving up my weekly talk-therapy sessions. This is how beneficial I found Gen Acupuncture to be. Both of them are so professional and goal-oriented that they actually told me that I didn't need any more acupuncture session after a course of treatments. Read more »

    Patricia S.

  • Happy Client Says - Yelp.com

    My allergies were so bad, so David treated me. I was stuffed up and couldn't breathe. During the 20 minute treatment, my nasal passages started to open up, When I finished my treatment, I can breathe! If you suffer from allergies, David can help! Read more »

    Nancy B.

  • Happy Client Says - Yelp.com

    The place is awesome!! The place is owned by a couple, brownie point no. 1
    It's clean and cozy, brownie point no.2
    I was treated by Olivia, who had very good bedside manners. She took the time to understand my habits and diagnosed me. Pinned me for about 7-8 mins, then left me for 20 mins or so to soak up the goodness which needles on your nerves provide ;) Read more »

    Katherine C.

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